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  • Option 100
    Pay $100 a month, Sales Transaction Fee of $590
    ($295 from agent AND $295 from client), Keep 100% commission
    Rental transaction fee to the firm is $100 (from agent OR client)
  • Option 195
    Pay $195 a month, Sales Transaction Fee of $295
    ($295 from agent OR from client),
    Keep 100% commission
    Rental transaction fee to the firm is $100 (from agent OR client)
  • Option 295
    Pay $295 a month, Sales Transaction Fee of $100
    ($100 from agent OR from client),
    Keep 100% commission
    Rental transaction fee to the firm is $100 (from agent OR client)
  • Option 395
    Pay $395 a month, Sales Transaction Fee of $0
    Keep 100% commission and 100% of client paid transaction fee
    Rental transaction fee to the firm is $0

*** Also available: 80/20 commission split option, $0 monthly fee.

What some of our affiliate agents have to say:

"A few months back when I considered a change in affiliation, I took a close look at I Sell Houses Realty. Pepi Khara took the time to discuss the Brokerage with me, answer my questions, and share how an affiliation with ISHR could help me to continue to grow my Business. I am happy to say that this change has proven to be the BEST decision! Working with Pepi has been such a pleasure and I look forward to great things with ISHR in the Future!"

"Being brand new to Real Estate, it was important that I found a brokerage that gave me an "Ease of doing business", that's why I choose I Sell Houses Realty. When I met with the Broker, Pepi initially, I advised him of three things that I needed to become a successful Realtor; 1. Documented Methods and Procedures 2. Ability to freely Market myself; 3. 100% commission with same day "payday". Pepi advised that his brokerage could provide that plus some...... Needless to say, I joined, read the processes and completed the online training and moved to grow my business. With Pepi's tips on being a successful Realtor... I am well on my way to be one of Southern Maryland's top agents. Thanks Pepi for your guidance, patience and kindness."

 "My experience with Mr. Pepi Khara (Broker) has been nothing but pleasant.  Inspite of his very busy schedule, he is always available to answer any questions or concerns that an agent has.  Each time I have had a concern, he is always only a phone call away.  Pepi has over 23 years of full-time real estate experience in Maryland and is very knowledgeable about the industry. I would definitely recommend I SELL HOUSES REALTY to other agents who are thinking about affiliating."

 "I have been in real estate for over ten years and affiliated with I Sell Houses Realty a little over a year. I cannot say enough good things about working here. I recently needed our Broker Pepi’s assistance. The minute I called him, he literally dropped everything and gave me guidance on where to start with my situation. We arranged to meet the next day and he had a clear vision of how to proceed to solve the issue. I’ve now met with Pepi several times and he is on top of the situation. His amazing support astounded me! His more than 23 years experience in the real estate industry shines through in his ability to understand the law and calmly guide all of his agents through rough waters. Thank you Pepi! You would not be sorry to join us at I Sell Houses Realty."

"I have been with I Sell Houses Realty for one year and I love this company for a number of reasons... ie. whenever I call or email the broker for help, he responds to me in his earliest possible time.  Also, the company has an organized document management system which helps me keep my clients documents and files in order.  I can find all the information I need on the company's internal website pages which makes my business much easier to manage.  I've also been assigned a free website which helps me promote my business  With the help and support of my broker, I have closed around 20 transactions in 2012 and I highly recommend any REALTOR to speak with Mr. Khara about how he can help go grow their real estate business and profit margin."

"In considering a new affiliation I so appreciated the broker's accessibility to answer my probably 20+ questions with patience. Great face to face meeting and additional questions even after that!! I can't say enough how much I appreciate Pepi's support and expertise! My transition and on boarding was uncompromisingly full of support and he made it so seamless. I appreciated the professionalism and thorough procedures in place to manage the business of real estate and assistance in my success!! So much spelled out from A to Z all at my fingertips, awesome resources provided! What a well oiled machine!! One of the greatest things is his accessibility to my questions providing detailed knowledge, PRICELESS!"


Same MRIS, Same Zip Forms, Same Signs, Same Lockboxes, Same Internet, Same Online Leads delivered to you. Our Savings could help you pay for taxes, college, health insurance, retirement.  Contact me for a confidential phone chat.

Pepi Khara,
Principal Broker
25 years experience, Licensed in MD, DC, VA, PA
Call or text
: 301-418-0613
E Mail: pepikhara@gmail.com

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